Stephen T. Vessels

Little By Little: Author and Visual Artist Stephen T. Vessels

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Hi Friends,

For the October Little By Little Letter, I had the great joy of interviewing author and visual artist, Stephen T. Vessels.

I first met Stephen in a tiny French café in Southern California. He was enjoying a quiet Sunday brunch and I rudely interrupted him. The rest, as they say, is history.

These days, Stephen serves as the editor for my coloring book journal series, In Words and Color, and working with him has been a deeply rewarding experience. Stephen’s first published novel, The Door of Tireless Pursuit, will be released this month through ShadowSpinners Press, one of a series of books by multiple authors that share the theme, Labyrinth of Souls.

Stephen is a true renaissance man and it was my privilege to hear him share a bit about his new books, his ballpoint pen drawings, and a few other musings I thought you might enjoy. You can read my full interview with Stephen here.

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Thanks so much and have a great month!