Dear Heart

Dear Heart

Dear Heart by Chloé McFetersDear Heart
A Coloring Book Journal for Living with Heart Disease


Being diagnosed with heart disease can be disorienting and overwhelming. Medical treatment and unpredictable life changes can give rise to many frustrations and anxieties. Dear Heart offers a quiet shelter, a portable sanctuary for artful distraction and gentle contemplation in which to take heart and nurse your spirits.

The journal prompts are designed to invite you to write about the practical and emotional aspects of coping with heart disease. The mandalas and abstract patterns provide a means to disengage from concerns and fears and let the mind and senses flow with colors and creative self-discovery.

Book Details

Publisher: Sherman Point Press
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Print
ISBN: 9781543003871
List Price: $14.99


“While in the hospital, patients have so many people coming in and out talking about them, talking to them and talking with them. It becomes so exhausting for patients to answer, that often being quiet and listening is the easier way. Dear Heart can be their voice. It can be their outlet from all the noise that is being filled with medical terms, diagnosis, and worries. It can be their therapy, and a time to break from the noise, and reflect on their life, their goals, their family, and whatever happiness they have inside of them. Dear Heart opens patients’ eyes to thoughts, feelings and ideas they may not be able to find, until they read it themselves.”

— Sheryl Edelstein, LMSW, Cardiac Inpatient Social Worker

"Dear Heart is a wonderful outlet for heart disease patients looking to discover, reflect upon, and release their feelings. While free-form journaling can be therapeutic, this journal provides patients additional benefits of the focused, yet serene task of intertwining the meditative effects of coloring with introspection about their past, present, and future as it relates to their heart disease. As a social worker working in cardiac rehab, it would give me great satisfaction to know that my patients were using this coloring book journal.”

— Nicole Saia, LICSW, Cardiac Rehab Department