C is for Courage

C is for Courage

C is for Courage by Chloé McFetersC is for Courage
A Coloring Book Journal for Living With Cancer


From the moment of diagnosis, cancer is a roller-coaster ride of emotions, changing plans and circumstances, as one copes with the pains, problems and challenges of the disease. C is for Courage offers a place to step off of the ride, a portable sanctuary for artful distraction and a platform for quiet contemplation of life in the face of the uncertainties that living with, fighting, and surviving the disease present.

The journal prompts are designed to invite you to write about the practical and emotional aspects of the journey with cancer. The mandalas and abstract patterns offer a means to disengage from concerns and fears and let the mind and senses flow with colors and creative self-discovery.

C is for Courage is a quiet, gentle ally for processing the experience of cancer.

Foreword by: Richard H. Fox

With Contributions by:

Richard H. Fox
Marion Cohen

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Publisher: Sherman Point Press
Publication Year: 2017
Format: Print
ISBN: 9781539544647
List Price: $14.99


"Over the past 23 years as an Oncology Nurse (and family member and friend of patients diagnosed with cancer), I have often been told by patients that the “known bad” is easier to handle than the “unknown.” There are many times during diagnosis and treatment where patients, families, and caregivers are pending results of imaging, procedures, treatment, rehabilitation, etc. This is a time of great stress, fear, and anxiety related to the unknown results and outcomes. They often feel alone and isolated, even with great support systems around them.

In addition to helping patients remove barriers to care, I have often shared information and resources regarding modalities to help patients, families, and caregivers emotionally cope with the stress, fear, and anxiety associated with a cancer diagnosis. I have encouraged yoga, meditation, oncology massage, acupuncture, and others as well as helping them find inner strength and calm by asking them to think back to how they successfully coped with a difficult situation in the past. However, as the sole Oncology Nurse Navigator in the oncology practice where I work, I cannot personally connect with each and every one of our patients individually. I have witnessed that this is the case for many other navigators and clinicians.

I found the C is for Courage journal to be a unique, personal, and comprehensive piece that enables clinicians and support groups to provide emotional support to all patients, even in the busiest of clinics. This piece is wonderful in so many aspects, but particularly in its gentle approach of encouraging patients to self-reflect at their own pace via thoughtful identification and expression of their feelings throughout the entire trajectory (diagnosis through survivorship and palliative care). I will definitely be recommending this journal to patients to help them find inner strength and calm as well as feel empowered to express their feelings as they define their 'new normal.'"

Gina Kuenstler, BSN, RN, OCN, Oncology Nurse Navigator, Navigation Manager

"What a wonderful resource for both patient and family dealing with Cancer. Significant thought and research went into these publications, capturing the experiences of patients, helping them work through a myriad of issues and emotions, all working towards adjustment to their circumstances and finding power in their experiences. I recommend these resources for use both personally and clinically. They can easily be incorporated into treatment with a patient, allowing insight by the clinician into their patient's experience. Additionally it allows the patient to share their experience with both family and professionals to better enhance support for their needs. I look forward to having such a resource available for recommendation."

— Dr. Martha Sorensen, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist
Clinical, Medical Rehabilitation and Behavioral Management, Neuropsychology

"It is both a pleasure and privilege to recommend this C is for Courage coloring book journal as an excellent creative resource for clinicians working with cancer patients, as well as for individuals diagnosed with cancer who are looking to be creatively engaged and vitally involved in their cancer journey. The layout of this book gently guides its user through the very human world of cancer by artfully engaging individuals to steadily delve deeper into their cancer experience through insightful journaling cues, toward taking time to playfully color (in or outside the lines) of a beautiful mandala, toward connecting with a fellow cancer story or poem. All of which further prompts authentic self-discovery, while diminishing feelings of isolation at being alone in one's cancer experience. As a Psycho-Oncologist, I am often seeking creative outlets, like this C is for Courage coloring book journal, for my patients to explore their authentic self and 'reason for being alive' in the face of cancer. The well-placed and paced journaling prompts (especially the pragmatic section on hair loss and the deeper section on survivor guilt) can be excellent therapeutic homework assignments to encourage cancer patients to creatively engage with specific cancer-related issues on their own and to further explore them together with their therapist in following sessions.  I look forward to using this C is for Courage coloring book journal with my cancer patients to help encourage them to fully LIVE in the face of cancer by creatively sourcing out their own authentic story, meaning, purpose and living legacy in and through their cancer journey."

— Shannon R. Poppito, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist | Psycho-Oncologist 
Behavioral Health Oncology (BHOPE) Service, Baylor Sammons Cancer Center (Dallas TX), author of "Individual Meaning-Centered Psychotherapy for Patients with Advanced Cancer" and "Meaning-Centered Group Psychotherapy for Patients with Advanced Cancer"

"C is for Courage is a terrific resource for cancer survivors - using the vibrancy of color and patterns, Chloé McFeters has created a tool that is a terrific daily event and a visual reflection for the future.” 

— Teresa K. Woodruff, PhD, The Thomas J. Watkins Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology,
Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.


Richard H. FoxRichard H. Fox

Richard H. Fox was born and bred in Worcester MA. He attended Webster University, as much artist colony as college, in the early 1970’s. These diverse cultures shaped his world view and love of words. He is a former President of Poetry Oasis, Inc., a non-profit poetry association dedicated to education and promoting local poets, and was Managing Editor of its journal Diner. He is the author of two poetry collections: Time Bomb (2013) and wandering in puzzle boxes (2015). A cancer survivor, many of Richard’s poems focus on cancer from the patient’s point of view drawing on hope, humor, and unforeseen gifts. He seconds Stanley Kunitz’ motion that people in Worcester are “provoked to poetry.”


Marion CohenMarion Cohen

Marion Cohen was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. She attended Kean University where she earned a B.A. in mathematics and also an M. Ed. from Rutgers University. She enjoyed a very gratifying career teaching mathematics for 36 years at the secondary level and at a community college.

Marion Cohen has recently published her first novel, What The Heart Murmurs, which is available on Amazon.com. The story of an intelligent, passionate, and sensitive woman and her quest to make peace with her life’s choices and the people involved in them, What the Heart Murmurs is a sophisticated look at modern understandings of love, marriage, and career.

Ms. Cohen presently resides in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.